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Нашел интересную идею промоушена он лайн конференции. Включите просмотр ролика ю туба обязательно до начал конференции. Именно так он и висит на Ю тубе.
Ну и сама тематика, думаю, будет интересна спецам.
Join us on Monday, December 2, from 4 - 6 pm to hear about the present - and future - of online education at Yale. Yale College Faculty members Craig Wright, Paul Bloom, Diana Kleiner, Jim Rolf and Wai Chee Dimock will share projects they've been working on and planning for the future. Mike Schwartz, Associate Dean for Curriculum at the Yale Medical School, will discuss how online education is impacting learning at the school; and students Sara Ronis and Zack Reneau-Wedeen will discuss opportunities online education presents for graduate and undergraduate students.


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