HR Technology 2015: Ten Big Disruptive Trends

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The HR Technology landscape – now a more than $15 billion market in software alone – is exploding with growth and innovation. One of the most disruptive changes is the trend toward automating HR practices and integrating systems, making them so easy to use that people think of them as part of their daily life. Through such systems and related applications, employees will be able to learn on demand and share work experiences as in real time.

Join Josh Bersin for this webinar, where he discusses 10 big technology-related developments for HR and business leaders to consider in planning their technology roadmap for the year ahead. Topics discussed will include:

New embedded technologies and solutions that could turn “systems of record” into “systems of engagement”;
Mobile technologies that may dramatically change the way people work; and
Employee sensing, analytics and communications systems that could change the way leaders manage.



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