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Новое поколение SCORM: CMI-5

Даю ссылку на статью The next generation SCORM: CMI-5. В статье обосновывается появление нового поколения - CMI-5, а также дается сертификация - описание и сравнительные характеристики форматов.
Вводная статьи
With the successful roll out of the Experience API (xAPI), the foundation for a new SCORM standard has been laid. By itself, xAPI is not a replacement for SCORM. Instead, xAPI defines communication between a learning experience and the learning record store, or LRS. While most of us agree that the majority of learning occurs outside the LMS, there is still some formal e-Learning that will be maintained in the LMS, so a more modern SCORM is certainly needed.  Now that ADL is taking over the CMI-5 specification from the AICC, it is clear that CMI-5 is the “next generation” of SCORM.  This article provides an introduction to this powerful new specification.

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