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Манифест: e Learning по настоящему

Рекомендую статью Embracing the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Авторы предлагают поменять парадигму электронного обучения: от имеющегося к настоящему. Сравним

Typical eLearning

  1. Efficient for authors
  2. Attendance-driven
  3. Knowledge delivery
  4. Fact testing
  5. One size fits all
  6. One-time events
  7. Didactic feedback

Serious eLearning

  1. Performance focused
  2. Meaningful to learners
  3. Engagement-driven
  4. Authentic contexts
  5. Realistic decisions
  6. Individualized challenges
  7. Spaced practice
  8. Real-world consequences

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